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Blidworth on the BBC

Television cameras from the BBC attended Blidworth Welfare Band's rehearsal on Monday and will be shown on Sunday 25th November on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 at 10am.

andrew marr show

BBC Politics got in touch with the Blidworth Welfare Band as they will be looking at the regeneration programme of former mining communities.

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the closure of Blidworth Colliery and in a mark of recognition the band performed the miner's hymn, Gresford whilst the cameras were rolling before then going into rehearsal mode with Ray Farr's 'Troika'.

Band Vice President, John Kelvey was interviewed for the show and will be featured on Sunday 25th November from 10am on BBC1 and the Parliament Channel.

This follows just a month after Blidworth was asked to be filmed for BBC Newsnight programme to mark the retirement of Evan Davis and in the same week that MD, Simon Oates will be interviewed on Radio Newark.

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