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Dave Ward

2nd Baritone

Blidworth Welfare Band

Dave first started his playing career with Langwith Colliery Welfare Band in 1962 after having attended their Slow melody contest as a spectator. Langwith band was at the time, a very successful 2nd section band (there were only 4 sections then!) As a 14 year old lad, Dave was so fascinated by what he heard, he knew straight away that he wanted to learn to play an instrument. A school mate who was three years older that Dave was already in the band, playing repiano cornet, so through him, Dave began his lessons with the bands conductor, Mr George Thorpe Snr. Dave soon found himself on third cornet, still of course having lessons.

From there, Dave progressed to 1st horn, where he sat next to the “finest solo horn player I have ever heard” a chap named Stan Lee. Dave said “he taught me more about playing and banding than any teacher could”

From tenor horn Dave then moved to baritone for a very short time, just before leaving the band to join Nottinghamshire Police in 1969.


In 1971 Dave joined the Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary Band on cornet. Dave wanted euphonium but they hadn't got a spare, plus the band was military by structure and euphonium is written in base clef, which he couldn't (still can't) read!

Next came Calverton Colliery Band, again on cornet (4th man down) but as before, cornet not being particularly his instrument Dave moved to baritone and then 2nd Euphonium. There Dave remained until late 1992 when he joined Blidworth Welfare Colliery Band on second euphonium, and apart from a 4 year period when he attempted to retire from banding, Dave is here still, happily on second baritone!

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