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Podium finish for Blidworth

Blidworth Welfare Band were back in the contesting arena on 8th July performing their 'Fire' themed programme at the Shirebrook Open Brass Band Entertainment Contest 2018.

Opening with Celtic Fire and paying tribute to composer Darrol Barry, adjudicator Mark Wilkinson (pictured) considered the piece to have a good pulse and the visuals enhanced the performance with percussion driving the music towards a strong close.

The band's compere for the day, Malcolm Bevan then introduced Flugelhorn soloist, Sara Baldwin to give her rendition of the beautiful solo, Follow the Flame from The Torchbearer, described by the adjudicator as having full sounds, plays with style with the music flowing well and with good contributions from cornet and euphonium.

Turning up the heat and the tempo, With Fire and Sword was next in the programme described as having drive with well articulated horns and good attention to dynamics.

Embers then took the penultimate slot in the programme described by Mark Wilkinson as having warm sounds to open with the music flowing well, nice cornet and well balanced with secure ensemble playing.

To finish their set the band chose to perform Stravinsky's The Firebird Suite described by adjudicator as confident playing with some nice solo contributions and a strong build to close.

Overall, Mark Wilkinson considered the performance to be 'A well thought out programme that was well compered'.

The full results:

1. Foresters Brass (John Davis) (96 points) 2. Strata Brass (Jonathan Bates) (94 points) 3. Blidworth Welfare Band (Simon Oates) (93 points) 4. Amersham Band (Paul Fisher) (92 points) 5. Hucknall & Linby Band (Paul Whyley) (91 points) 6. Prospect Brass (Phil Garlick) (90 points) 7. Shirebrook Miners Welfare Band (Adam Whittle) (89 points) 8. Amington Band (87 points) 9. Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band (Lindon Bolt) (86 points) 10. Newall Band (Kevin Holdgate) (84 points) 11. St Johns Mossley Band (Paul Exton-McGuiness) (83 points) 12. Deepcar Band (Cathryn Rogers) (81 points)

Best Soloist Trophy Cornet: Amersham – Will Watson Best Euphonium Trophy (Martin Squires Memorial Trophy): Strata Brass – David Shipman

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